The Nene Crossings Benefice

Rev'd. Pauline writes.

"And what shall we do now?”

This is a question our young people ask all the time; they’re always keen to move on to the next happening.

Now everyday life may seem a little flat but that can be a really good thing. When much is going on we tend to overlook the ordinary happenings of each day. It’s hard to make cleaning your teeth, washing up, shopping, or going to work every day glamorous, largely because they aren’t. Our daily existence is one of ordinariness and we can consign ourselves to a life of dissatisfaction and disappointment if we can’t find some way of living contentedly with our everyday lives.

Our churches are now in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time; the church furnishings have changed to green. There can be up to 33 weeks of Ordinary time most years. After the fast changing seasons starting with the Kingdom season and Advent, Christmas & Epiphany, then into Lent, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost it’s good to have time to stop, to draw breathe and reflect about the importance of ordinariness.

Seeing life through the eyes of a small child can be such a revelation, they have that ability to notice the most minute of details which often pass us by because we don’t take time to stop and gaze and wonder. Recently a friend showed me a seed-head, we marvelled at the intricacies of its formation – it’s good to have time to appreciate the ordinary and the extra-ordinary.

I take heart from knowing that our wondrous Father God loves each one of us: no matter how ordinary or extra-ordinary we may be.

With love and prayers,

Rev’d. Pauline.