The Nene Crossings Benefice

Fr. John writes..............

Dear All,

As Big Ben strikes midnight it is out with the old and in with the new....

As a child, I remember my Scottish uncle having the tradition of running out the backdoor just a couple of seconds before midnight, firing his shotgun into the air, just to make sure the old year was well and truly dead, before running round to the front door where my Aunt would be standing to welcome both him and the new year into the house.

I remember him saying it was about drawing a line under the old, all that had happened and could not be changed but might never be let go of and then welcoming in the new chances and changes that lay ahead. Apart from wearing a very dodgy kilt for the

occasion it seemed to be a great example for life.

Otherwise we can be burdened and weighted down by the cares and situations we have found ourselves in in the past. Yes, we are of course shaped by our past

experiences, partly they are what make us, us. But there is a difference between being shaped by our past and being scarred by it.

It is, I think, very similar to the thought as to why we start our communion services with a confession followed by the absolution. Not dwell or be weighted down by a remembrance of our past mistakes, but to receive the cathartic release that the absolution brings. The burden, otherwise too great for us to carry is released and we can move on.

I am reminded of the quote in Revelation,

'behold, I make all things new'

Through Jesus we are invited to let go of those stresses and strains; we have been given fresh chances and new beginnings!

Happy New Year!

With love and prayers,

Fr. John