The Nene Crossings Benefice

Revd. Pauline writes..............

The warm weather has certainly lifted people’s spirits after the doom and gloom of the grey days of winter coupled with the effects of the Beast from the East. Have you noticed that whenever the sun is shining, most people walk around with a smile on their faces?

We are now well into the wedding season. Weddings seem to be peppering my life at present. It was good for our country to celebrate the Royal Wedding in May, and within our Benefice of churches we have had/will have weddings in all four of our churches.

It is both a privilege and an awesome responsibility to officiate at a wedding. It is good to spend time with couples, getting to know them, as they prepare most seriously for their marriages; their love for each other so apparent, it is wonderful to witness. On the wedding day, after all the vows have been completed I utter those awesome words “Those whom God has joined together let no one put asunder” the hairs on the back of my neck always stand up – even at the rehearsal !

Wedding days may be likened to the decorative icing on the wedding cake, the days that follow may be compared to the mixture within the cake.

On the evening before his death Jesus ate supper with his disciples and after he had shared bread and wine with them he requested that they re-enacted this meal often in remembrance of him. Then he took off his outer garments, wrapped a towel around his waist, and washed their feet – the action of a servant. Afterwards he gave them a new commandment that they were to love one another as he had loved them.

Nothing could be more inviting.

Nothing could be more challenging.

If only we could all show more love to everyone, surely our world would be a much better place?

May God’s blessing be upon all who marry this year, and may all those who are fortunate to attend the weddings and witness the vows being made, find their own lives strengthened and their loyalties confirmed.


Love and prayers,

Revd. Pauline.