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Dear All,


This Christmas we are continuing the Archbishop of Canterbury’s theme of Following the Christmas Star, but with an emphasis on the phrase God so Loved the world…   The phrase is a reminder to us that  the first Christmas gift ever given, was from God to humanity, in the person of Jesus. That the basis of this gift, indeed the bases of the whole relationship between God and humanity is love, and more than that, that the  first step, was God’s love for us, not our love for him.


Its easy to forget that. Sometimes, the world can seem a dark and frightening place. Sometimes, it feels like just going outside your door is to take your life in your hands, and the news seems full of gloom and fear, hardly a place to be loved, and yet God does. As far as we know our world is uniquely blessed with abundant life and intelligent life at that. It is full of the wonders and glories of creation. As we look into outer-space, and within ourselves at inner-space we see wonders and beauty but here on our doorstep is a world full of a wonder and beauty and blessings beyond compare and indeed life itself, and we have been given the stewardship of this wonder, to care and protect and pass on, it is a shower of blessings  on us you might say.


Even more so at  Christmas is the remembrance that this is crowned by the ultimate gift of love of the Creator, that Divinity would not just touch humanity but would become human .


There is theological debate about how this all works, is the Creator becoming a creation or the sinless taking on sin the key to it all? To my humble mind it is all the same , the baby in the manger is the man on the cross, they are not two separate people, that are not two separate stories, they are but two chapters of the same book, two acts of the same play… That God so loved the world…..


May the joy of the angels, the eagerness of the shepherds, the perseverance of the wise men, the obedience of Joseph and Mary and the peace of the Christ-child be yours this Christmas; and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, be among you and remain with you always. Amen.


With Christmas love and prayers

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