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Dear All,


Ok, so the joke has to be said once, so let’s get it over and done with in the first article of the first newsletter of the new year, Quite possibly by March time we will all be fed up with new initiatives and ideas or new programmes being entitled ‘2020 Vision ’…. But hey ho let’s try to get in first.


I wouldn’t be as corny of course as to say let’s call it ‘Vision 2020’ But none the less , we as a church do need to have a vision, and 2020 is as good a year as any to begin. We need a way forward, as easy as it might be to just sit back and let things happen do need to some idea of what we would like to do and be like.


I have heard said, ‘to live is to grow’. If you remember your biology lessons growth is one of the signs of life along with the abilities to metabolize, respond, adapt, and reproduce. So, if we believe the church to be alive it is not unreasonable to expect it to grow is it?  There are of course many ways to grow, we can grow deeper and stronger in our faith, we can grow outward looking, caring for beyond ourselves but surely, we must also grow in numbers? The world would love us to forget that, to think ourselves as an irrelevance, but its been saying that for the last 2000 years, and yet here we are.


All these three elements, depth of faith, outward looking and dare I say ‘bums on seats’ are import and thinking of growth in these areas is not some kind of luxury but normal. I am not proposing a great master plan but as a first step let ask him from whom all grow comes to help us grow. So for this year every Sunday and in every church group that meets we will ask to pray an additional prayer:  


Heavenly Father, Giver of Grace and Growth.

Help us to grow in your likeness

That we may see your Grace around us.

Give us courage give you away to others

Knowing that the more we give you away,

the more you give yourself to us.

Guide us to  grow in strength of numbers and depth of faith.

Through Jesus Christ, your son Amen.



With  love and prayers


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